SARS will start issuing ‘auto-assessments’ to taxpayers later this year – here’s how it works

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) will start issuing auto-assessments from 1 August. In May, SARS commissioner Kieswetter indicated that a significant number of taxpayers will receive auto-assessments and given an opportunity to confirm their acceptance of the assessment outcome according to SARS. In an emailed response, a SARS spokesperson said that these auto-assessments were […]

[SARS Alert] Interpretation Note 87 (Issue 3) – Headquarter Companies

Purpose This Note provides guidance and clarity on the interpretation and application of section 9I which deals with headquarter companies. The Note also briefly discusses other provisions of the Act that provide special tax relief for headquarter companies, as well as the specific anti-avoidance rules that are designed to prevent misuse or abuse of those […]

VAT apportionment: An unintended penalty?

Author: Gerhard Badenhorst. The stated policy of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) not to make value-added tax (VAT) apportionment rulings effective retrospectively to prior financial years has been questioned on several occasions. The matter was recently considered by the Tax Court in the case of Taxpayer v Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service (VAT2063) [2019] […]

Tax clearance certificates and tax compliance status: Changes on the tax and exchange control fronts

December 16, 2019 Nyasha Musviba Author: Louis Botha. Recently, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) announced that it would no longer be issuing printed tax clearance certificates (TCCs). The announcement was not unexpected as SARS had already indicated in 2015 when the tax compliance status (TCS) system was implemented, that it would cease issuing printed TCCs […]